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19 Jul
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It is pretty much a known fact that I LOVE Beyoncé but just incase you needed more proof, here are fan-sites I created in the last month, dedicated to just her…well and JAY Z <3

morebey ontherun

info on votebeyonce.com

// A fan-site I made to make it easy for fellow Beyoncé fans to vote for her! The website lists all of her current nominates and a link to vote swiftly. It is online at http://votebeyonce.com

info on theontheruntour.com

// A fan-site I created for the On The Run Tour with Beyoncé & Jay Z. It is currently online at http://theontheruntour.com and it is updated frequently with videos, (fan) reviews, photos and more. On average, the website receives 2000+ views a day!

05 Jun

Promo material for Fifth Harmony I worked on for my sister. Thought it would be a good idea to share a promo picture with lyric, every hour till preorder began (:

ally camila

dinah Untitled-3 copy


Click the images to view in full size (:

24 May


i designed three new themes, i’m actually pretty darn proud of myself.
check them out:

29 Apr

In the midst of my boredem whilst I wait for Beyoncé & Jay Z tickets to go on sale (pulling an all nighter because they are so worth it), I decided to look outside just for one sec and I saw literally the most beautiful thing – God is pretty awesome. In graphic design terms, I saw a gradient in the sky and I had to take photos because why not?

Where: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)
Taken with: Canon Rebel T3i



27 Apr

My friend approached me for a design for his upcoming fansite for lana del rey. The design took me a little over a day; inspiration came from all over. I listened to Jhené Aiko’s ‘Sail Out’ EP throughout. Here’s a little preview – the site should be live soon.


25 Apr
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Hi There. Welcome to my personal blog ♡ I’m Haley and this is my little piece of sanity. I’m gonna try and blog as often as possible but we’d see how they will go, haha. Alright, bye for now x