• Full Name: Chideraa (Haley) Ngonadi
  • Date of Birth: October 30, 1993
  • Email Address: me[at]haleyngonadi.com
  • Current: Music Journalist @ Trendio

Who Is Haley?

Chideraa (chi · deh · rah) is a graduate of the University of Toronto, with a Bachelor's degree in "Communications, Culture, Information, and Technology." Over the years, she has honed her skills in graphic design, web design and coding, as well as native IOS and Android app development. She is currently in search of a job that enables her to put the aforementioned skills to good use. In addition to being extremely fast and reliable, Chideraa works well solo and in a group.

Web + Graphic Design

I have over four (4) years of hands-on experience in both web and graphic design. I have designed and developed over 50 websites.

Digital Marketing

I am a digital marketing expert who has acquired both the required education and exprience in the field.

Mobile App Development

I am a self-taught mobile app (iOS + Android) developer with at least one working app in the Apple App Store.


Communication and Culture.

University of Toronto (4 Year Program) - Graduation June 2014

Related Courses: Law, Technology and Culture, Intercultural Communication, Mass Communication and Popular Culture, Intercultural Communication.

Information and Tech.

Sheridan College (3 Year Program) - Graduation June 2014

Related Courses: Web Culture & Design, Intermediate Web Design, Online Advertising and Marketing, Intercultural Communication.


2014 - Present
Owner + Editor-In-Chief

Trendio is a up-to-date music blog dedicated to showcasing the best in music whilst bringing a fresh prespective on music journalism.
  • Founded the blog in December 2014
  • Utilized HTML and CSS in the design and development of the Wordpress-based blog.
  • Build, manage and update all of Trendio's social media platforms (i.e. Twitter, Facebook)
  • Planned, promoted, and executed Trendio's marketing plan to increase its target audience
  • Update the blog on a daily basis with the latest in music and celebrity news.
  • Conduct research for blog posts and Trendio's "Artist of the Week" feature.
  • Interview and hire music journalists who contribute regularly to the blog.
Trino Web Solutions
April 2015 - Present
Web Developer
  • Designed and developed website for high tier clients (i.e. AFIMAC)
  • Designed banners and other marketing assets to promote newly-designed websites
  • Optimized developed website for both desktop and mobile use
  • Suggested and implemented social media campaigns for numerous Trino Web clients.
  • Utilize HTML, CSS, Wordpress and other CMS and their associated plugins
SB Projects
2010 - 2012
Digital Marketing Intern
  • Worked closely with the record label and management company heads to market singer-songwriter, Justin Bieber
  • Maintained and assisted with the crafting of bieberfever.com: the artist’s official website.
  • Utilized social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote upcoming releases by the artist.
  • Notified the artist’s fans on a regular basis regarding upcoming singles and albums, suggesting possible promotion ideas in the process.
  • Designed and distributed promotion materials such as flyers, banners, twitter icons and backgrounds etc.
  • Listened and gave feedback on music to be released
  • Organized events worldwide (Bieber buyouts, Charity Drives and Parades), e.g. fans gathered in one location to purchase all of the artist’s latest release(s)
Canadian Music Week
March 2013
  • Organized and packaged souvenirs for the event
  • Responsible for the maintenance of every room before and after every panel
  • Directed panel speakers and guests to their designated locations.


Objective C
Social Media
After Effects
Microsoft Office
Time Management
Event Planning
Web Development
Graphic Design



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