Hello, My Name Is I'm into web design and digital marketing.

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(Chi · deh · rah) I'm a recent graduate of the University of Toronto. Digital Marketing & Graphic/Web Design are dear to my big heart ♡


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2010 - 2014
Communications, Culture, Information, & Technology (Major)
Related Courses: Web Culture & Design, Intercultural Communication, Online Advertising and Marketing, Intercultural Communication

Work Experience
2010 - Present
  • Founded the website in October 2013
  • Designed the website’s main theme and logo
  • Solely responsible for updating the website with latest celebrity news and pictures.

SB Projects
2010 - 2012
Digital Marketing Intern
  • Worked closely with the record label and management company heads to market one of their main artists: Justin Bieber
  • Maintained and assisted with the crafting of bieberfever.com: the artist’s official website.
  • Utilized social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote upcoming releases by the artist.
  • Notified the artist’s fans on a regular basis regarding upcoming singles and albums, suggesting possible promotion ideas in the process.
  • Designed and distributed promotion materials such as flyers, banners, twitter icons and backgrounds etc.
  • Listened and gave feedback on music to be released
  • Organized events worldwide (Bieber buyouts, Charity Drives and Parades), e.g. fans gathered in one location to purchase all of the artist’s latest release(s)

Volunteer Experience
Canadian Music Week
March 2013
  • Organized and packaged souvenirs for the event
  • Responsible for the maintenance of every room before and after every panel
  • Directed panel speakers and guests to their designated locations.


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